Photography by Karl Davis | About
As a photographer, I have the privilege of sharing in the special times in your life -- those fleeting moments that cannot be recreated! As such, I take each assignment seriously and view each one as being very unique.

While I have been a photographer for over 20 years, that is pale in comparison to the very rich relationships I have developed over the years... I am still in love with my wife of over 27 years as we have shared in the raising of our two wonderful children, Shauna-Kaye and Brian.

I am guided by my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and this completes the picture of why I work tirelessly and passionately to please you, my client.

Please consider the following points when deciding to use our services:
  • We take the time to discuss and agree on the best way to meet your needs
  • We tell your story through images because we know you are the main character!
  • We offer suggestions to help you but you make the decision!
  • We use top of the line Canon equipment
  • We take the time to carefully edit the final product

My hope is that as you browse these galleries you will see catch a glimpse of what I mean by

"Capture The Fleeting Glance"

Please contact me to discuss your photographic needs or if you just want some advice. We will be happy to help you.